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Written by: Ray Butler

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I’d like to think I know a good idea when I hear one.

Several followers have approached me about creating a fantasy league for Prospects 365 followers, and tonight we’re making that dream a reality. will have its own fantasy leagues beginning this season.

Here’s the format: The fantasy leagues will be a 5×5, head-to-head redraft leagues hosted by Fantrax (who has already graciously offered to upgrade our fantasy leagues to the site’s ‘premium’ format). The categories will be OBP, HR, RBI, TB, NSB, IP, WHIP, ERA, QS and NSV+Holds. Positions will be C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UT, SP, SP, SP, SP, P, P, P. There will also be seven bench spots per team. We will have as many leagues as we need to fit everyone interested in playing (who’s eligible). I will act as the commissioner for every league we have, so all participants will have the opportunity to play against me.

There will be a $250 prize pool in our inaugural fantasy baseball season, not including a trophy that I will ship to the champion. Forty percent of the prize pool ($100) will be distributed evenly amongst league winners. Twenty percent of the prize pool ($50) will be distributed evenly amongst all second place regular season finishers. The last forty percent of the prize pool ($100) will be awarded to the overall champion (the league champion with the best regular season record), who will also receive this trophy, courtesy of @YoungBatCompany.

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Want to participate? There’s two prerequisites:

  1. You have to be a Prospects 365 2019 preseason VIP member. If you haven’t heard about the early access and exclusive content (and other perks) you’ll receive by becoming a member, follow the link to see what the VIP membership is all about. Content will originally be emailed to members on February 1st, but any sign-up on or after February 1st (I’ll email you the content shortly after you sign up) means you’ve met this requirement to participate in the Prospects 365 fantasy baseball league.
  2. You have to purchase at least one Prospects 365 t-shirt. We unveiled this #merch on January 30th, and it’s been a big hit so far. A portion of proceeds will be donated to a charity founded by a current Mariners outfielder prospect, and each order comes with FREE SHIPPING. Shirts will begin to be shipped before Valentine’s Day. Want one? Follow the link to get started.

If you have met both of these requirements by midnight on February 10th, I will send you an email invitation to join the Prospects 365 fantasy baseball league. We will look to form the leagues, create group chats and complete the drafts by the end of February.

I’m excited, and you should be too. I will certainly mention interesting waiver wire moves and trades in my Ray’s Ramblings article each week during the season, and I’ll also tweet out standings updates for followers to see throughout the season.

It’s going to be absolutely awesome, and something we can look to grow each season.

If you have any questions about the Prospects 365 fantasy baseball league that you want answered before becoming a VIP member or buying a t-shirt, you can DM us on Twitter (if you’re already a VIP member) or email us at

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