Doing Away with the Dash

Written by: Ray Butler

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Nearly a year and a half after this site was created, I am pleased to announce we have finally acquired the rights to the domain, which eliminates the dash from our site name. Don’t worry though, still gets you to the right place, too.

It’s the little triumphs in life that keep us moving forward.

Also, if you have not yet purchased our Prospects 365 VIP membership, be aware of this perk that is listed in the original article:

“Lastly, if you purchase the 2019 Preseason VIP package by January 15th, you will never pay more than $20 for our Preseason Package in the future. In other words, you will be immune to possible price increases in future years and able to renew for the same fee you pay in 2019.”

January 15th is a few, short days away, so make sure you lock-in your yearly fee by signing up today.

A final note: If I can remain on the same pace I’m currently on, there’s a chance I’m able to send my #Top250 with write-ups to VIP members a few days earlier than February 1st. No promises, but I’m hoping we’re able to make that happen.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Follow us on Twitter! @Prospects365

Featured image courtesy of the Winston-Salem Dash


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