Introducing the Prospects 365 2019 Preseason VIP Package

Written by: Ray Butler

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In the 2018 calendar year, Prospects 365 published 202,493 words of content for your viewing pleasure. That’s an average of 555 words per day and around 17,000 words per month. We’ve enjoyed monumental growth throughout the last 365 days, increasing to well-over 3,000 followers on Twitter while compiling just under 200,000 views on the site during 2018.

Still, we’re just getting started.

For the first time ever, Prospects 365 is ecstatic to introduce a 2019 Preseason VIP Package. This $20 package will give you an exclusive abundance of well-timed content while also providing readers with a fantastic opportunity to give back to a site that has (hopefully) profoundly improved your fantasy baseball and prospect experience throughout the past 18 months.

Here are the details on what you’ll receive when purchasing our 2019 Preseason VIP Package:

  • VIP members will receive my 2019 preseason top 250 prospect list with write-ups for every prospect via a Microsoft Word document sent via email on February 1st. That’s right: as a VIP member, you’ll receive 50 additional prospects (with write-ups) that will not be published on the site. You’ll also receive the list a month before it begins to be published on the site. That’s 30 days of extra prep-time you’ll have compared to those who will dissect the list as it’s published on the site.
  • VIP members will receive my 2019 Prospect Obsession List via a Microsoft Word document sent via email on February 1st. It won’t be published on the site until shortly before Opening Day in March.
  • VIP members will receive my 2019 High-Value Active Player List via a Microsoft Word document sent via email on February 1st. It won’t be published on the site until shortly before Opening Day in March. Remember, our goal at Prospects 365 is to help you win your fantasy baseball league in 2019 while also preparing you to win in 2025.
  • VIP members will have the opportunity to receive a 2016 Taylor Trammell Bowman Chrome Auto baseball card. You read that correctly. The card is currently retailing for anywhere from $90-$100, so winning the giveaway would automatically give you more than quadruple the value of the $20 fee you pay for our VIP membership. As far as card giveaways go, this should be fairly legendary. A winner will be randomly-picked on Opening Day of the MLB season! Here’s the card:


  • VIP members will retain Direct Message access to @Prospects365 on Twitter for the entirety of 2019. Hundreds of followers have utilized direct messaging with our account to ask questions and seek advice on fantasy baseball, fantasy baseball trades and individual prospects alike. Our DMs will become private on Saturday, January 5th, but a VIP membership will result in a follow from us on Twitter and subsequent access to our Direct Messages at all hours of the day until 2020. Want to discuss an active player, a prospect, or a trade offer on an airway your league mates can’t see? DM’ing Prospects 365 is the perfect way to make that happen.
  • Lastly, if you purchase the 2019 Preseason VIP package by January 15th, you will never pay more than $20 for our Preseason Package in the future. In other words, you will be immune to possible price increases in future years and able to renew for the same fee you pay in 2019.

Again, you’ll receive this extensive content (which we project to be over 30,000 words total) and an opportunity to win a top-tier Bowman Chrome Auto baseball card for a one-time, flat fee of $20.

Of course, it goes without saying that when you purchase a 2019 Preseason VIP membership, you’re also ensuring the content creators at Prospects 365 are able (and certainly more incentivized) to continue pumping out upper-echelon content for readers in the fantasy baseball and prospect world.

To officially purchase our 2019 Preseason VIP Package, all you have to do is send $20 to Prospects 365 via Venmo, Zelle or PayPal. Venmo is our preferred method of payment, and our username on the app is @Prospects365. If you don’t have access to Venmo and would rather use Zelle or Paypal, our email is When you send your payment, please include your name, email address, and Twitter handle so we can be sure to follow you ASAP. As previously stated, we will be sending our exclusive, VIP content via email on February 1st (57 days before Opening Day of the MLB season).

If you’ve read this far and are currently flustered, I fear you haven’t read carefully enough. If you refuse to pay for fantasy baseball or prospect content, Prospects 365 won’t leave you in the dust. My preseason top 200 prospect list will still be published on the site 20 prospects at-a-time beginning March 1st. My 2019 prospect obsession list will be published on the site sometime in March. My 2019 high-value active player list will be published on the site sometime in March. However, you won’t have access to my #201-250 2019 preseason prospects, you won’t have the opportunity to win the Bowman chrome auto card and you will no longer be able to DM us on Twitter. Ray’s Ramblings? It’ll still be posted on the site every Monday throughout the baseball regular season for all to read. Content created by other Prospects 365 staff writers? It’ll be posted on the site for all to read. We promise we’re not going anywhere.

Other than taking advantage of a fantastic opportunity to give back to a site that has worked tirelessly to provide you with extensive, free content heading into a new year, the biggest perks of becoming a 2019 Preseason VIP member is the early (and extended) access you’ll receive to our pre-Opening Day content and our ear (via DMs on Twitter) when you need advice or have questions about particular facets of prospects and fantasy baseball. You also have a chance of winning an undeniably awesome, valuable baseball card.

Again, you’re only a few, short steps away from becoming a Prospects 365 2019 Preseason VIP member. If you have Venmo, simply send @Prospects365 twenty dollars. If Zelle or PayPal is your cup of tea, send $20 to

Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say thank you. 2018 was a marvelous year for Prospects 365, and it was made possible due to your commitment, following and interaction with our content. But 2019 is going to be even better, and your first chance to a play a role in our ascension has been placed in front of you. We hope you join us on what should be a spectacular ride.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of writing to do……

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