Introducing The 2021 War Room

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What better way to officially turn the page on our MLB Draft coverage than to announce the 2021 War Room?

The next 12 months will be P365’s first, full draft cycle with The War Room at our disposal, and it appears the Class of 2021 will be one of the more intriguing groups in recent memory—especially with the uniqueness of the 2020 baseball season in tow.

Here are some of the finer points of The War Room: This is Mason’s real life draft board; it is not a First Year Player Draft board for fantasy purposes. This is a live document, so Mason will continue to make tweaks and updates in real-time throughout the months leading up to the 2021 draft. The 2021 War Room is in a fairly infantile stage less than a week after the 2020 MLB Draft, but the final product will boast hundreds of draft prospects with individual reports to boot.

Most of the columns in The War Room are self-explanatory. The check-mark next to a prospect’s name and information means their draft report has been recently updated. The Age column is a prospect’s age as of June 10th, 2020. The FV column is a prospect’s Future Value according to Mason’s evaluation system (you can read about his evaluation system on the “Grading” tab of The War Room). Speaking of the “Grading” tab, there are other tabs in The War Room pertaining relevant information such as the 2021 Draft order (“Order”) and organization draft pools (“Pools”), both of which will be updated when appropriate.

Lastly, the Profile column houses Mason’s reports for most prospects within The War RoomFor mobile users, you can access the individual report for each prospect by clicking on the clipboards in the Profile column (you may have to click that cell twice depending on the mobile device you’re using), then clicking “Note”. On the desktop version, you can simply hover your mouse over the clipboard on each row and the report should appear. A lot of the reports are north of 100 words, and they dive into the evaluations and methodologies behind Mason’s rankings with solid information available at the touch of a finger or click of a mouse.

We may be a little biased, but we feel strongly that The War Room is an innovative tool for the MLB Draft and dynasty worlds. Along with continuing to update the draft board, Mason will write prospect features, positional ranks, mock drafts and much more leading up to the 2021 MLB Draft, all of which will be published on

We hope you enjoy The War Room, and make sure you’re following Mason on Twitter (@mason_mcrae) as he continues to tweet and publish valuable MLB Draft content moving forward.

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