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Written by: Ray Butler

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At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, more than 200 members received the 2020 VIP package.

The package consists of four lists: my 2020 top-259 prospects, my 2020 prospect obsessions, my 2020 high-value active players and my 2020 starting pitcher rankings. In all, the package contains just over 70,000 words. Seventy. Thousand. That’s a dollar for every 2800 words, AND you’ll get your hands on these lists at least a month before they’re published on the site!

A portion of VIP content is also exclusive to members. The #201-259 portion of my prospect list and my starting pitcher rankings will never be published on the site. That’s more than 10,000 words that will only be read by the 200+ VIP members who have purchase the package.

If you missed the original release but would still like to become a member, I have extremely good news. When you sign up now, you’ll receive the content the same day you sign up. Heck, if I’m sitting at my computer when you sign up, you’ll receive the content within minutes. Perhaps I’m slightly biased, but receiving 70,000+ words of prospect and active player content within 24 hours of becoming a VIP member is pretty dang cool.

To become a VIP member, all you have to do is send a one-time payment of $25 to @Prospects365 on Venmo (our preferred method of payment), on PayPal or $Prospects365 on the Cash App. When you send the payment, make sure to include your Twitter handle and email address. This tells us who to follow on Twitter and who to send the VIP content to. A 2020 VIP membership lasts for the entirety of the 2020 calendar year.

A link to the original introduction of the VIP package can be found here.

As I said in the original email sent to VIP members, I get a bit emotional every time I attempt to quantify how much your support means to the growth of our site. Membership for the 2020 season has more than doubled the membership for our original VIP package last year. I would like to think such a drastic increase in membership speaks not only to the growth of our site, but also to the validity and value of the content within the package.

Your support will allow Prospects 365 to continue ascending to heights we once thought were unattainable. What are you waiting on? Why wouldn’t you want 70,000 words of redraft and dynasty league content at their fingertips within 24 hours of signing up? Become a 2020 VIP member today!

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