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Written by: Ray Butler

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More than 130 people have signed up for our 2019 preseason VIP membership. Now, you can join them with a 25% discount.

Non-members: with my preseason content practically finished, I want to map out exactly what you would be paying for with your $15 fee (payable via Venmo (@Prospects365), Zelle (askprospects365@gmail.com) or PayPal (askprospects365@gmail.com)).

  • As of now, my 2019 top-250 prospect list (with write-ups) is over 32,000 words. That number will only increase as additions are made. Remember: only my top-200 list + write-ups will be published on the site, so you’ll receive an additional 50 prospects and more than 6000 words worth of blurbs by becoming a VIP member.
  • VIP members will also receive a Google Sheets version of my top-250 list. This Sheet will include the blurb for every prospect and how much (if any) a prospect has moved since the release of my #DecemberTop100. The Sheet will also be sortable by team, which is a perk that’s been added since my December list.
  • My 2019 prospect obsession list, consisting mostly of the prospects I predict will improve their stock this season, is nearly 4000 words. With dynasty drafts starting, this list provides insight into prospects you should make sure you’re early on this season.
  • My 2019 high-value active player list, consisting of underrated MLB players who I believe will give you a positive Return on Investment this season, is over 3500 words. In search of sleepers? This list is right up your alley.
  • Becoming a VIP member gives you access to our DMs on Twitter, which our current VIP members are utilizing every day. Question about an individual prospect? Active player question? Need advice on a trade that you don’t want your league mates to see or know about? Direct messaging us on Twitter is the perfect way to receive insight and advice on any facet of your fantasy baseball experience.
  • Becoming a VIP also gives you a chance to win a Taylor Trammell Bowman auto baseball card. This card currently retails for $90-100. One lucky VIP member will more than quintuple the value of their membership fee by winning the card, and that’s without receiving any early-access or exclusive content.


  • 101 VIP members locked-in their yearly fee at $20 thanks to signing up before January 16th.
  • You will receive ALL content before it’s published on our website.

All in all, you’ll be receiving nearly 40,000 words worth of content before it’s published on the site (6000 of those words are exclusive to VIP members). That’s $1 for every 2650 words, and that’s before you figure a Google Sheets version of my list, DM access on Twitter, a chance at the Taylor Trammell card and receiving our preseason content a month earlier than it’s posted on the site. I hope you’d agree that becoming a P365 2019 preseason VIP member is a bargain.

Remember, the only thing you have to do to become a preseason VIP member is send a one time, $15 payment to @Prospects365 on Venmo (our preferred method), askprospects365@gmail.com on Zelle or askprospects365@gmail.com on PayPal. Make sure you include your email address and Twitter handle in the payment comments.

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