So I Finally Made My Podcast Debut

Written by: Ray Butler

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At long last, on Wednesday night, I finally made my podcast debut. I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the 80 Grade Podcast with hosts Connor Kurcon and Rhys White, and I’m confident it’s well worth your time. During the podcast (which consists of over 90 minutes of prospect goodness), we discussed:

  • Discrepancies between my #MidseasonTop200 prospect list and their midseason top 150 prospect list (we focused on eight prospects, but others were mentioned)
  • Adjustments we would make to our lists if we were to rerank now.
  • Prospects excluded from our latest list we expect to make the next edition.
  • Prospects who could explode between now and next preseason.

Just tons and tons of prospects mentioned and discussed in this podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Connor and Rhys, who are two of my favorites in the prospect community. If I’m being honest, starting my own podcast might be the next logical step in #ExpandingTheBrand of Prospects 365, so comment below or tweet me if you enjoyed it!

Links to the podcast are below:

Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud here.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes here.

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Featured image courtesy of Sporting News

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