About Prospects 365

Hello world.

My name is Ray Butler, and I’m the owner and operator of Prospects365.com.

The journey from our humble beginning to launching a site has been amazing. Prospects 365 began as a simple Twitter account that’s goal was to inform you of the daily stats of well-known baseball prospects. On Opening Day of the 2017 MLB regular season, we had 24 Twitter followers.

Less than three months later, we had just-over 400 followers. Nothing astronomical, but we had begun to take steps to being where we want to be.

On Opening Day 2018, we were just short of 1000 followers. Life comes at you fast.

A year later, we had grown to just under 4000 followers.

And today, with Opening Day 2020 so close you can smell it, we’re nearing 10,000 Twitter followers. More importantly, in less than three years, the site has accrued nearly 950,000 page views by 330,000 unique visitors. It’s been quite the journey.

As we’ve grown, your feedback and interaction has simply been amazing. As the popularity of fantasy baseball (dynasty leagues in particular) continues to increase, people need as many resources as possible to optimize their chances of winning league championships.

So, here we are.

My sincere hope is that Prospects365.com provides you with everything you could possible need to be equipped in the world of real-life and fantasy baseball. I’ve been around the game since I was in diapers, and I still learn something new about baseball every single day. At the very least, I hope you will be able to say the same after visiting our blog.

Our goal will never deviate from providing you with a plethora of minor league stats on a daily basis. We will also, however, provide you with MLB content. We want to play a key role in you winning your league championship this season while also preparing you to win your league championship four years from now.

Lastly, I want Prospects365.com to serve as an avenue of opportunity for people who have always aspired to write about baseball. We already have several fantastic contributors and are always looking for more. If you have interest in contributing to our blog or simply have a unique idea for one of our existing-contributors to cover, email askprospects365@gmail.com. Include your name and the specifics of what you would like to write about or an idea you have that you want one of our contributors to tackle. No experience in writing is necessary.

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Thank you for being passionate about baseball. Without your interest, this site certainly wouldn’t exist.


Ray Butler

Founder, Prospects 365