What Sticks Out in Keith Law’s Midseason Prospect Update?

Written by: Marc Rodriguez (@MRodProspects)

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Earlier this week during what seemed like one of the slowest sports days of the entire year, Keith Law blessed us with an update on his personal top prospect rankings. Keep in mind these rankings are geared toward real-life value as opposed to fantasy. In my personal opinion, Law is the best in the business at public prospect and player evaluation. Many of my own opinions and fantasy transactions are based on his insight, which he is generous enough to share via his blog and “Klawchat”.

The full list (which requires an ESPN Insider subscription to access) can be found here.

Without further ado, here are some notable placements on his most recent iteration:

#1 Amed Rosario, SS Mets

Nothing new or surprising here as Rosario maintains the top spot. Law cites his “tremendous bat speed with projected power down the line”, which should translate nicely to fantasy stardom. His only remaining obstacle is continuing to prove he is a better option than middling Jose Reyes.

#5 Eloy Jimenez, OF White Sox

The biggest baseball news of the week was the blockbuster trade that sent Jose Quintana to the north side of Chicago in exchange for Jimenez, Dylan Cease and change. Jimenez’s trajectory remains the same as one of the premier power prospects in all of baseball. After the initial shock of seeing Eloy traded wore off, this seems like a deal that makes a lot of sense for both sides.

#7 Michael Kopech, RHP White Sox

Kopech retains the title of Law’s top pitching prospect. He lauds his 80-grade fastball, “workhorse build”, and sound delivery. The BB% remains high, however, Law asserts that Kopech’s athleticism should allow him to get to the control required to be an MLB starter. It’s impossible not to picture the next Noah Syndergaard when dreaming on the young fireballer.

#9 Ronald Acuna, OF Braves

Acuna’s rapid ascension continued this week as news broke of his impending promotion to AAA Gwinnett. Law stated in his chat that the promotion might be a little premature. Regardless, it is clear that Acuna has become an elite prospect and his ETA keeps looking like it will be sooner rather than later.

#13 Yoan Moncada, 2B White Sox

Despite the Reddit haters (of which there are many) who vilified me for ranking him outside my own Top 10, Yoan Moncada comes in at 13th for Law. Moncada’s only flaw continues to be his K%, which sits at 28% this season in AAA. His ceiling remains as elite as it gets. However, the likelihood of a prospect reaching their ceiling is what defines their value. Moncada needs to cut down on K’s before I’m comfortable giving him >30% chance of being able to use all those tools to their full potential.

#21 Hunter Greene, RHP Reds

Greene enters the list as the highest ranked 2017 draftee. Not a big surprise here given the hype surrounding the 17 year-old. It is worth noting that Law puts him above Brent Honeywell, MVP of this year’s Future’s Game.

#31 Scott Kingery, 2B Phillies

Law is a buyer of Kingery’s soaring stock for the Philadelphia Phillies. “He’s a 70 defender at second base and a 70 runner” according to the post. That translates to near certainty that Kingery stays at 2B and provides some value on the base paths. And that’s before you get into the debate on how much of his power translates to the major leagues. It’s possible that Kingery gets a look in September for the Phils.

#46 Yordan Alvarez, 1B Astros

Just what Houston needed, another potentially elite prospect to add to their mix of young superstars. Houston has become a model organization and Alvarez certainly passed the eye-test when representing Team World in the Future’s Game. He’s a physical specimen with a “quiet approach and big-power potential” according to Law.


Be sure to pick up a copy of Law’s book, Smart Baseball. Many of the principles shared can be directly applied to fantasy baseball player evaluation.

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